By Giuliano Liguori –

It’s already clear that CIOs during the coronavirus outbreak are playing a central role in navigating the crisis, even as companies grapple with the implications.

Focus on what matters now

1. Take care of your people.

2. Communicate confidently, consistently, and reliably. Uncertainty breeds fear and confusion.

3. Get beyond the tech to make work-from-home work.

4. Drive adoption of new ways of working.

5. Be proactive on security. Stabilize core systems and operations

6. Stabilize critical infrastructure, systems, and processes.

7. Enable the shift in business processes. Start anticipating what’s next

8. Stay the course on key priorities.

9. Stay focused on customers.

10. Understand implications of the ‘new normal.’

It’s important to reevaluate priorities, shift resources, and track progress. Companies that take a slash-and-hold approach fare worse than those that both prune and thoughtfully invest.

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