Pasquale Testa

22 years with CIO, 8 in the TLC, and 13 in RETAIL and wholesale for several brands such as Camomilla Italia, Alcott, Gutteridge, Frankie Morello Milano. For over a year in large-scale distribution (or MMR – Mass Market Retailers) with Sole365.
My career began as a trainer for IT courses, then a programmer in various fields, then as a system administrator and EDP (Electronic Data Processing) manager.
The passion for IT and automation prompted me to often change my area of expertise to broaden my knowledge; moreover I am specialized in simplifying infrastructures, and therefore costs, with particular attention to the analysis of business processes.

Qualified by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) as an Innovation Manager.
President and founder of the CIO Club Italia,

Vice President and SocialMedia MGR

Pasquale De Martino

CIO presso MARALD S.p.A. | InnovationManager | ICTManagement | Retail | ERPManagement | AI | Cybersecurity | IOT | Blockchain | 5G | Board Member CIOClub Italia | A mathematician lent to computer science or vice versa!


Giuliano Liguori

Digital Transformation Advisor, Giuliano Liguori is Founder and CEO of the consulting firm, specialized in digital transformation and in the application of Industry 4.0 paradigms. With extensive experience in cyber-security, data protection and Project Management, he is competent in supporting entrepreneurs and managers in business innovation and technology selection choices. Giuliano Liguori is also the CIO of the public transport company of the Metropolitan City of Naples. Since 2019 he is qualified as Innovation Manager by the MiSE.


Eduardo De Crescenzo

Professional with about 30 years of experience in the IT sector in private and public companies. Since 2001 he has been working in ASIA Napoli Spa, the subsidiary company of the Municipality of Naples that takes care of the environmental hygiene of the city. His career began as a Software Developer and Analyst. He has held positions of Senior Analyst and Systems Engineer, Administrator of Windows, Linux, IBM and Itx Ncr systems. During his working career he has also held positions of Quality Assurance and Privacy Manager. He currently holds the role of IT specialist and manager.

System Admin

Marco Alessandrella

Marco Alessandrella is the youngest of the group but he already has 6 years of experience in the ICT world. He began his training path in Milan, working in large companies such as HP and Eni, and then holding the role of System Administrator in various companies related to the Retail sector in Campania. He currently works as a Cyber Security Consultant and has the dream of making Naples and Southern Italy grow in the IT world, bringing innovation and growth to the territory. In the CIO Club he found an incentive to pursue that dream.


Paolo Cozzi

Paolo Cozzi has over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector in Italian and multinational companies including Infostrada, Hewlett Packard, Tirrenia, Valvitalia, having roles of increasing managerial responsibility. Since 2019 Cozzi has been ICT Manager of Caffè Borbone, a leading producer of coffee pods and capsules, supporting the evolution of the company from a family business to a managerialized structure with a radical digital transformation.


Carlo Iuliano

Carlo Iuliano was born professionally as a Windows systems engineer and Microsoft solutions expert. Since the beginning of his career he has been surrounded by great professionals dealing with various business realities: thanks to these experiences he has developed more and more technical skills and multiple soft skills that make him a transversal and complete professional. Currently, his growth path continues, covering the role of ICT Manager within Easytech Closures SPA, giving a strong and fundamental contribution to the corporate digitalization process.


Antonio Caliendo

Libero professionista, sviluppatore e sistemista su varie piattaforme e sistemi.

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